Choosing Healthy Snacks

When it comes to snacking I am the first to admit that sugar and salt are seductive temptresses… Eating a family size bag of chips by yourself or stuffing candy and cookies into your mouth all afternoon are probably not a good choice.

I personally don’t believe that depriving yourself of all of your favorite things is helpful or sustainable. I like to treat myself to my favorite junky snacks after my kid goes to bed. If you’re a parent you know the pain of your toddler wanting to share your special treat… The key to allowing your favorite unhealthy snacks is moderation!

Which means that throughout the rest of the day your snack choices need to be wiser. Fruit and vegetables are the ideal snack! Throw in some protein and grains for a long lasting, satisfying boost! Alternatively a green juice or smoothie is a surprisingly satisfying snack that will re-energize you for the rest of your day!

What are your favorite healthy snacks?

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