Take Lunch To The Next Level

I don’t know about you, but I get really bored of the same old sandwich or microwave burrito day in and day out… If you are like me and are looking to level up your lunch experience, keep scrolling for some inspiration!

Keep it fresh: If you don’t want to be weighed down by a big lunch or don’t have a way to heat anything up; fresh veggies, some crackers and dipping sauce of your choice is a surprisingly satisfying way to go!

Get a little fancy with it: This leek and onion tart is rich, light and incredibly delicious! It’s good warmed up or cold so you really can’t lose with a savory tart or quiche.

Packed with flavor and nutrients: Buddha bowls are a recently discovered favorite for me! You can precook/prep your lunches for an entire week in advance! You can add in anything you like and mix it up week to week! The possibilities are limitless and the nutrition is off the chart!

On the go: If you are sick of sandwiches but need something easy on the go, consider making a batch or two of hand pies. These are fantastic and easy to eat one handed!

Grill it out: If you have the flexibility to quickly grill your lunch at home, prep some kabobs in advance, throw together a salad and you have a quick but impressive lunch to share!

Lunches are often underestimated as a burden or inconvenient or rushed. I love food and I want to make sure when I am eating something I’m engaged with the activity. It’s hard to do that when your lunch is boring.

What are your favorite ways to take lunch to the next level?

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