Celebrating Black History Month

There are many ways people here in America choose to celebrate Black History Month (February). Some more appropriate than others… As a white woman with no first hand knowledge or experience of black cultures or foods I’m certainly not going to pretend to be an expert. In fact, I am choosing to celebrate Black History Month by stepping back and introducing you to some of my favorite food blogs by black creators.

Immaculate Bites – Imma has a passion for soul food and bringing adventurous foods to the everyday home. She creates recipes inspired from all around the world and breaks them down for us in easy to understand ways. If your haven’t already heard of Immaculate Bites, you’re in for a treat!

9jafoodie – Ronke Edoho is a superhero! An accountant by day (just like me!); author, nutrition specialist, home chef and blogger on the side, with dreams of owning her own farm. This is a woman after my own heart! She makes traditional African dishes less intimidating so anyone can share in the benefits and joy of this incredible cuisine.

Low Carb Africa – If you’ve been around a while you know I’m not into low carb or keto diets but Tayo Oredola’s recipes are too good to pass up. She is a huge believe (as am I) that healthy food can be flavorful and delicious!

Egunsi Foods – Yemisi was born in Nigeria and wanted to bring the tastes of her childhood to her current home of New York. Not only did she start a food blog but if you wanted the experience without the work, she’s got you! You can buy authentic soups and sauces ready made right from the website.

Chef Lola’s Kitchen – Lola’s slogan is “Easy and Tasty Family Approved Recipes” so you know I love that! This busy momma cooks from scratch using fresh and less processed ingredients that can be readily found in your pantry. Need a quick, delicious meal for tonight? Check out Chef Lola’s Kitchen!

These are just a few of my favorite food blogs by black creators. I love learning from other cultures and perspectives so please share your favorite products or blogs in the comments!

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