Jackfruit Pulled “Pork”

Pulled Jackfruit doesn’t have the same ring to it as pulled pork but it seriously tastes just as good! If I hadn’t cooked this myself I wouldn’t have known it wasn’t meat. It had the right taste, texture and look. You have to try this! Vegetarians and meat eaters a like will love this Jackfruit Pulled “Pork”!

For this recipe you are going to need Young Jackfruit. It’s very important that you get young, green jackfruit because once it ripens it turns very sweet and that won’t work as a meat substitute. This is the brand I use.

Making the jackfruit pulled “pork” is very easy but does take some time. You rinse the jackfruit very thoroughly and cut away the hard base of each piece. the remaining jackfruit will look like shredded chicken or pork.

Dry sauté the shredded jackfruit in a pan until the ends are starting to crisp.

Season as you would pork for pulled pork sandwiches. Next add your favorite barbeque sauce and cook until the sauce is warm and starting to thicken.

All you have to do now is assemble the sandwich, pick your sides and BAM dinner is a success!

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