Vegetarian Red Beans & Rice

My husband is from the south. Those of you from the south will understand why this dish is a staple in our house. This weekday meal could not be easier. It’s fast, easy and delicious. You can’t lose!

Seriously I’m not even going to give you detailed ingredients and instructions, It’s that simple to make.

This is a hack for when you just don’t want to cook after a hard day.

  • Throw some rice in your instant pot and cook as directed
  • Open a can of red beans (or soak dry beans over night and cook if you like making things difficult)
  • Slice and sautĂ© some Beyond Meat Sausage with some diced onions and bell peppers or whatever needs to be used in your fridge.
  • Throw the beans in with your sausage to heat up and season with your heart. (We used Cajun seasoning, dried parsley, Chayanne pepper, 1 bay leave, minced garlic, salt and pepper)
  • Serve the beans and “sausage” over the rice and BAM delicious meal with almost no effort!

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