Vegetarian “Meat”balls

One year ago my husband and I decided to cut meat (except seafood) out of our diet for health reasons. The impact on our health has been unbelievable. We feel better, look better, live better and don’t miss meat at all to be honest. However, one day while walking past the meat section of the grocery store we saw a sign above one section of meat products that read: “Plant Based”. We decided to check it out and were amazed at the options available! burgers, sausages, meatballs and more! All vegetarian and all delicious! My favorite of the products we tried were the Beyond Meatballs (not sponsored) because the taste and consistency are so spot on. Of course we had to make “meat”balls and mashed potatoes. These are fantastic for quick easy meals and I’m here for it!

Believe it or not my husband and I used to be die hard carnivores. He would go as far as refusing to eat a meal that didn’t have some kind of meat in it (that’s over dramatic but he did complain). He especially gave me a hard time about making pasta with no meat in it. Throwing a quick pasta dish together never required meat for me but he insisted that no dish is complete until meat is added. He has lightened up on this obviously since cutting out meat but throwing some of these “meat”balls into the pasta still takes it to another level. Bonus: my toddler loves them and it adds some good plant based protein into her very limited preferred diet.

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