Prep Your Garden for Spring

Right now, I know Spring seems really far away… The Winter storm engulfing the United States may make it hard to imagine that it’s time to start prepping your garden. However, the devastation of this Winter storm is one more piece we need to address when prepping for Spring. At my house we lost a lot of branches and even a couple trees… Once the snow and ice has melted and your family is safe, it’s time to get out there and start clearing debris.

1. Sort Out Your Tool Shed:
This is an excellent time get your tools sorted out. Organize your tool shed, sharpen the blades, oil the hinges and make a list of the gaps you need to fill in your collection. The right tools, well maintained, will make the whole season much easier!

2. Make A Plan:
If you are starting new or revamping your garden area, start by drawing out the design you want to create. Go outside and envision where the garden beds will go. Measure out that blank wall for planter boxes. Draw up different versions of layouts until you find the perfect inspiration you need. If you are having a hard time getting started or seeing it in your minds eye, check out Pinterest or other idea websites to get the juices flowing.

3. Prune and Shape:
Many trees or shrubs can use a good pruning this time of year. Late winter/early spring is the perfect time to prune back old wood because you can see the branch structure well and you can shape the plant before the plant starts investing energy in its branches. Before you go snip-happy, though, there are a couple of things to consider. There are many plants that you should NOT prune at this time of year because they bloom on old wood. Research the needs of your garden’s plants before getting started. Whenever you prune your plants, it is a good practice to add a little fertilizer to the soil to ensure that the plant has the nutrients on hand to heal its wounds quickly.

4. Clear Out The Mess:
Do a spring cleaning of the area, removing anything in the way until you are back to the bare soil. Well-composted mulch or organic matter can stay right where it is to be incorporated into the soil. The biggest thing to look for is any weeds that need to be removed before you are ready to plant your garden. Take this opportunity to turn and till your soil to get it ready for the new plants.

5. Create Your Design:
All that planning has prepared you for this moment! It’s time to start building the garden you dreamed of! You want the soil to have a little time to settle before you plant so make sure to build your garden beds, boxes and planters at least a few days before you start planting.

I know this Winter has been tough for a lot of us and I’m no exception. Hold on! Spring is almost here and soon change and new life will be all around us! Bringing hope and the promise of new beginnings! The Spring Equinox is March 20th and we will be ready!

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