A Healthy Start To Your Day

Is breakfast really the most important meal of the day?

There is a lot of debate surrounding this topic and research is divided right down the middle. One side saying Eating breakfast will help you lose weight. To the other side saying skipping breakfast will help drive down that scale. So which is healthier? Well, who knows? No really who knows the answer to this….

Look I’m not here to tell you when you should eat. I know several people who swear by breakfast and I know many others who find intermittent fasting works better for them. To each their own. I have swung back and forth myself over the years. However, I have noticed that when I eat nothing in the morning I’m starving before lunch time and I’m less likely to pass up those free donuts in the breakroom…

Maybe it’s less about when you eat but what you eat. If you aren’t hungry when you first wake up then don’t eat. But an hour later after you’ve been up and around, take a moment to check back in with your body in case it does need something. Make sure whatever you put into your body in the morning is nutritious fuel for the rest of your day! Fruit, protein, healthy fats, veggies are all good choices. Limit the sugars which will be a quick burn and leave you crashing by 10am. Also consider what you plan to do before lunch. Do you have a workout scheduled or will you be sitting in a meeting for hours? Is lunch time flexible or are you required to make it to noon? Make sure the breakfast you choose it the most efficient fuel for your day.

I’m a mom so I have a million things I have to do before I can even sip a cup of coffee in the morning. So, I get it. I trained myself to listen to my body to determine, when, what and how much I need to eat in the morning. Some days I need something high in protein and filling, others I want something light and simple. There are also days where coffee is breakfast. The point is listen to what your body needs, stop over thinking it.

For those of you that want to eat breakfast but aren’t sure what to have or are bored with your same routine check out some of my favorite go to breakfasts below. You might just find something that gets you excited to wake up in the morning!

See photos below for inspiration!

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